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Lois is a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and recording artist who has performed for the past twenty years. Her passion is to share music with audiences large and small. With a voice that is both vulnerable and powerful, Lois delivers songs that resonate with those who know the joys and pains that life can bring. She adores shoes and all things pink or purple.

I have performed locally and nationally for the past twenty years and released my debut album, Sensible Shoes in 2005, followed by Entanglements in 2017.

One of my passions is working with Manitoba Artists in Healthcare, where I’ve shared music with staff, patients and visitors at the St. Boniface and Grace hospitals for over a decade.

I also love performing at events like house concerts, gallery openings, community gatherings and the like!

I’d love to play at your next event. Please reach out to me here:

Stories to Songs Project

This project paired local Seniors with songwriters to co-author a song that the Senior wanted to share about their lives. I was paired with Helen Bially, a long-time Manitoban with Ukrainian roots, and together we created this song.

Stitched together by family and faith / A tapestry woven in gifts of grace / Blessed with beauty and a curious mind / Compassion and kindness, her guiding light.

These are the moments of a life well-lived / Through heartache and joys, learning how to forgive / Weathering the storms that rise and fall / She kept her head held high, saying yes to it all.

The Light of Lament

Artist Residency at St. Benedict’s Table Anglican Church

In 2021 I was named Artist in Residence at St. Benedicts’ Table Anglican Church. From January to October I wrote and recorded several songs, inlcuding “Dear Wisdom,” “Sad Regret,” “Look to the Light,” and “Temptation.” I also gave an outdoor concert and led a songwriting workshop.

I titled this project “The Light of Lament” because I believe it’s important to make space for lamentation in the life of a community. This was especially true at the time, since we were in the midst of pandemic lock-down and travelling through the long season of Lent.

The light is coming. I’m drawn to light because it expunges darkness. As light grows it exposes the dirt and dust in hearts and minds as well as in the world around us. Some are afraid of exposure. Secrets, half truths and denial make us feel safe. On a global scale and often on a personal level. When a bright floodlight is shone into dark places it’s harsh and unsettling. No one wants to see what the darkness hides. When the light gradually increases we have time to adjust our eyes, acclimate to the new landscape inside of us and in the world. Darkness and light each having purpose. I wait for the light, always keenly aware that darkness has left it’s footprint.

Studio Recordings

Entanglements (2017)

Sensible Shoes (2005)

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